Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find many frequently asked questions parents like you have asked before.

What is the enrollment process like after I submit the online registration form?

As soon as you complete and submit the online registration form, it will be placed in the queue of all pending registrations. When it becomes your turn, we will give you a call to complete the enrollment process over the phone.

Will there be an available spot for my child?

We can't guarantee it. We encourage all families to register as soon as they can when enrollment for the upcoming program year opens. You may call or send us an email to see if there is an update to the status of your registration. 

My child was previously in an Arabic language program and has some prior knowledge, will you test them to see where they stand?

Yes. All children who have taken Arabic lessons prior to enrolling in our program may be scheduled for a virtual  placement test with one of our proctors. They being tested will depend on the amount of knowledge they have which we will ask the parent about.

What ages do you accept into the program?

Our accepted age range for the program is 5-13 years old.

Do you assign children of different ages to the same class?

No. The overwhelming majority of our classes contain children of the exact same age. At times, there may be a small range of a 1-2 year difference in ages in the upper level classes, usually due to parents initiating their child's Arabic language education late.

Does the teacher speak English or Arabic to the students?
The teachers speak as much Arabic as the children in the class can understand. The goal is to decrease the amount of English spoken as the year progresses. By Level 4, Arabic is expected to be the only language spoken in communication between teacher and child.
What dialect of Arabic is spoken and taught?
Vernacular languages, such as Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, etc. are not allowed to be used in our center, unless there is an informal setting such as one of our staff members speaking with a parent. While children are in our learning environment, however, standard Arabic (al-Fuṣḥā) is to be used only. 
How many children are enrolled into each class?

The maximum number allowed by the center in each class is 16-18 children. 

Do the children receive any textbooks?

Yes. Textbooks that are produced or compiled by Albayan Institute will be given to each child at the start of the year. More details will follow after the enrollment process is complete.

Are the children assigned any homework?

Yes. All children are assigned some amount of homework to do throughout the week. 

Are the children provided lunch throughout the day or do we have to send one with our child?

Yes. Children are provided a healthy lunch throughout the day in the cafeteria. There is no charge for this meal. All meat items will be halal. You are also welcome to send a lunch with your child if you prefer. 

When does the program start and end?

Please refer to the program page for the most up-to-date information regarding start and end dates for the program. 

Do you offer an installment plan?
Unfortunately there is no installment plan available, however your family may be eligible for the center's free or reduced cost opportunity.

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